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National Resources Staff Registration

2020 Admin Guide & Syllabus (Full) - Coming Soon

Job Descriptions

What's New in Wood Badge 2021

Staff Personal Resource Questionnaire (PRQ)

Staff Personal Needs Request

Annual Health and Medical Record (B.S.A. Medical Form)

Staff Roster

Participant REGISTRATION Roster

Course SCROUNGE List


Coure Syllabus

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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COURSE Staff Development Calendar (Updated 4/20/2020)

N5-347-21 COURSE Calendar (draft)


Admin Staff Resources Troop Guide Resources

N5-347-21 Troop Presentations

Troop Presentation Assignments

Nightly Staff Meeting Agenda

N5-347-21 Patrol Presentations

Patrol Leader's Notebook

Patrol Projects Handout


Day 1 Resources Staff Development Resources

First 90 Minutes

  • First 90 Minutes Map
  • First 90 Minutes Staff Assignments
  • Registration Tables Process (Passport)
  • Gathering Activities (at least 8 stations)
  • Campsite Assignments

Opening Flag Ceremony - Pack 1

Opening Luncheon

Day 1 Blue and Gold Banquet

Opening Campfire

  • Campfire Planner Handout
  • Presentation Script

Train the Trainer (TTE)


  • Agenda
  • SD-1

  • Agenda
  • SD-2

  • Agenda
  • SD-3/4

  • Agenda

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