N5-347-21 Course Staff Development Area

National Resources (Admin) Staff Registration & Information


A14 - Staff Expectations

A16 - Course Connections

A20 - Wood Badge Pre-Course (questions) Assignment

A21 - Personal Resource Questionnaire (PRQ)

A22 - Personal Equipment List

1-05 Ticket Form (PDF)



Annual Health and Medical Record (B.S.A. Medical Form)

Staff Roster

Participant REGISTRATION Roster

Course Prospecting List

Payment Link for Staff Fee - Food & Course Materials($50.00)



Course Curriculum

Curriculum - Table of Contents

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5



COURSE Staff Development Calendar

N5-347-21 COURSE Calendar


Admin Staff Resources Troop Guide Resources

N5-347-21 Troop Presentations

Nightly Staff Meeting Agenda

N5-347-21 Patrol Presentations

Patrol Leader's Notebook

SD-1 Know Thyself Value Cards


Physical Arrangement Resources Scribe Resources

A7 - Course Standardized SCROUNGE List

A8 - Logistics Venue List

A10 - Gilwell Hall Presentation Area

A11 - Wood Badge Tools Board

Working SCROUNGE List


A12 - Scribe List

Course Songbook


Day-Specific Resources Staff Development Resources

Day 1 - First 90 Minutes (1-01)

  • First 90 Minutes Map
  • First 90 Minutes Staff Assignments
  • Registration Tables Process (Passport)
  • Gathering Activities (at least 8 stations)
  • Campsite Assignments

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

  • Closing Luncheon
  • Closing Gilwell Field

Train the Trainer (TTE)

Staff Development Overall Plan

Staff Meeting Agendas

Admin Staff Meeting Agenda



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