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2013 Admin Guide

2013 Staff Guide (Syllabus)

What's New in the 2013 Edition




  • N5-347-14 SCHEDULE

The source xls file is posted so that you can download and make your own personal schedule






Powerpoint presentations for the Troop guides to use with the backwoods easel Be sure to check the version page.

The handouts, flip chart questions are also available here.


Powerpoint presentation, handouts, notes and objectives for the troop presentation


Job Descriptions for all staff positions


  • Troop Presentation assignments





  • Staff Forms

Staff PRQ

Personal needs request




Agenda for staff dev session, materials for the staff sessions, notes and action items from the meetings.


Staff PRQs









  • Day 1


First Two Hours Map

First Two Hours Schedule

Reg. Table Process

Campsite assignments

Flag ceremony

Blue and Gold

Webelos Grad. song

New Scout Induction Ceremony

New Scout Induction Scout Law

New Scout Induction - Room Layout




  Instructional Campfire

Campfire Planner

Presentation Script








  • Participant roster



  •  Nightly Staff Meeting Agenda


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